October 7, 2020

The scales had fallen from their eyes, and they knew him at last, “I am Joseph,” he said (Gen 45:3). “Ye sold… God did send” (vs.4-5). Then came the challenge. ” Tell my father of all my glory in Egypt, and all that you have seen” (vs. 13). That is the very essence of worship, to tell the Father of the beauty of Jesus that we have seen. This challenge was two fold. First it required the bothers to expose their sin
The last time they spoke to their father about Joseph was when I brought home Joseph’s coat of many colors, all stained with blood. They had thrown it at Jacob’s feet and (disowning Joseph) demanded, , “Do you know whether or not this is your sons coat? ” Now they have to confess. We can well imagine the things they had to say. 
“Father, we have seen him, your son. He is alive! We have seen his glory! We hated him, father.
“We hated him for the life that he lived, a life so different from ours, He always did those things that pleased the father, and we hated him. He showed us up.
“We hated him for the truth that he taught, especially for those dreams of his that spoke of his exaltation and glory. He declared that every knee would bow to him one day. We hated him.
We hated him for the witness he was. He brought to you the evil report of our ways. And we were wicked, father. He simply bore faithful witness to what he heard and saw, We hated him.
We hated him for the authority he assumed, He was your well-beloved son and he wore that royal robe you gave him like a born prince, He exercised  the authority it bestowed , the authority  you gave him. We hated him.

We envied him. We could not speak peaceably to him. He came to us, and we received him not. We sold him for the price of a slave and handed him over to the Gentiles.” That was how they must have begun—with the exposure of their sin.
But, then, this confession required them to exalt the Savior: “Tell my father of all my glory . . . that ye have seen,” Joseph said. They would continue: “Now, father, our eyes have been opened. We see him now, at last, as you have always seen him.
“We have seen the glory of his person.. We only saw him before as oné of us, engaged in the everyday affairs of life. But now, ah, now!’ We have seen him enthroned in splendor surrounded by magnificence. beyond anything our imaginations could have conceived. We have been awed by his wisdom, his love, and his power..And we have been made the recipients of his grace.
We have seen the glory of his position. All:we have ever known is a beduin camp; but now, down here in Egypt, we have seen another world, a world the like of which we never dreamed could be, a world of towering pyramids, a world where gold is as common as brass, where power is godlike, and where runs: a river. that: brings life to all. We have seenithe high throne on which he sits;.and we have seen his great and gifted servants rushing to-do his will. ‘And now he has a name above. every name, and before that name every knee must bow.
We have seen  too, the glory of his power. He-wields absolute power; but he wields it in benevolence and for the blessing of all.
Finally, father, we have seen the glory of his pardon. He did not; for one moment, excuse our sin; but he  covered it with his grace: It was all overruled by God, he said, so that he could become the Savior of the world.
But that is not all. He has arranged: that where he is, there we shall be also.
Tell my father of all my glory…. that ye have seen,” said Joseph to his brothers. Go and tell my Father of all my glory that ye have seen, says the Lord Jesus to us!
100 Devotions for Leaders – 2008 by John Phillips – Published by Regal Publications Grand Rapids, Michigan
Pastor Lee’s Thoughts: When I think about the picture of Joseph’s life compared to that of our Lord Jesus Christ I am amazed at the similarities. The most amazing similarity in my mind is the sacrifice and the grace that is offered in both accounts. We serve an AMAZING Savior who truly does love us and gave His life for us! Blessed be the name of the Lord!

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