we believe there is one answer to this question
and that is GOD.He is our HOPE, He is our SAVIOR.
He is the God of second chances and new beginnings.
He gives us PEACE and STRENGTH in times of struggle.
He never changes. He is our constant friend who is
with us through joy and sorrow alike. Here at North
Point we come together to learn about and worship
our Savior, so that when doubts and questions arise,
we are well equipped to answer them.
throughout scripture it is very clear how important
it is to include worship into our lives. for every song
that we sing we understand that the focus must be
on Christ and Him alone. giving thanks and praise
to Him who has done so much for us.
from connections to worship service the reason we
meet is to grow in knowledge of the scripture and of
our God and Savior, who desires a full and beautiful
relationship with us. our God wants our focus to be
on Him through every step of this journey called life.
we learn about Him so that we can draw closer to Him
and He in turn ever draws closer to us.
our purpose here on this earth is to share our
Lord andSavior Jesus Christ, who died to take
away the sins of the world, with as many people
as possible.We believe that this is every persons
calling and purpose. We strive to reach our city,
our nation, and our world with the great news
that there is HOPE.