March 20, 2020

5 Responses to “March 20, 2020”

  1. Wilson Allen says:

    Thank you. What a good way to start the day.. Praise God.

  2. Joseph Jeffries says:

    Good Morning Pastor Lee,
    Thank you so much for your message this morning. It is so timely that we hear an heed to the time afforded by the “virus” as you have explained through the book of “Daniel”. You are truly a man of God who pastors, loves and “Shepherds his flock”. May God continue to bless you in doing His work. We are truly blessed to have you as our Pastor. Joann and I love you and your family.

    • Lee Wimberly says:

      Thank you so much Bro. Joe! I appreciate your encouraging words. I am blessed to be able to Pastor this wonderful church and for having the opportunity to serve alongside of you and Ms. Joann! We love you both!

  3. Pastor Joe says:

    Excellent word my brother! What a beautiful love letter from God and your sweet bride Melissa. She has definitely kept her word to you over the years. And the LORD has not, nor will He ever, falter at His Word.

    Pastor Joe

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