Because personal growth is so important, it is foundational to everything we do. Although we have occasional programs that are focused specifically on growth, being involved in all other areas (worshipping, sharing, caring and serving) is a crucial element for growth to take place in a young person’s life. Those involved in many areas are much more likely to grow than those involved in only one area.



Students and leaders meet at 6:45 pm on Wednesdays to discover truth and find direction in their daily life through Bible study. Every teen is encouraged to have daily devotions throughout their week, and to engage during Sunday School and Sunday services. We have activities and games for the students to enjoy. We have a time of praise and worship, followed by Bible Messages that are geared to help them at this stage of their lives, and prepare them for the next stage.


Service is a key part of our youth group. We provide opportunities for students to discover their gifts and abilities and use them to serve others both inside and outside the church. Find out where your talents can be used in our youth ministry.