rooted.001We are excited about the launching of our college ministry on August 21, 2016 called 1 Life. We are beginning a brand new Bible Study on Sunday Evenings entitled "The Gospel Project." We will also be meeting on Sunday Mornings at 9:30AM in the "1 Life" room for coffee, hanging out, and to review our weeks lesson prior to our Bible Study, and this time will be peer lead. Every week we will have games, food, and Bible Study. Below you will see the link for the material needed for our study. You can view this on any device as well as in printed form. There is a personal study guide which will give you the lesson to study for each day (Do not allow it to overwhelm you but just take a little each day.) Then you will see a Peer Lead link this will be the discussion points on Sunday Morning. Then you will see Conversation link and these are things you can discuss with your families, friends, and each other during the week. Lastly, You will see resources and this is just supplemental material you can use if you choose. Should you have any questions please feel free to let us know!