Day 36

Deception is a true work of the enemy, no doubt that many have been deceived by those who claim to be real and true disciples of Christ, but who are just wolves in sheep clothing! We are told to always follow our heart and though that may be true in some instances, the best thing we could ever do is to follow the Holy Spirit!It has always amazed me at how those who saw Jesus, heard Peter and Paul, and experienced the miracles that were done right before their eyes, continually rejected the truth, and yet so many continue to reject the truth today!
As a Christ follower may I always only be interested in the truth and may I always proclaim the truth and not be deceived! Our heart’s desires do not always align with Christ desires and therefore I need to always keep my heart in check and ensure that it aligns with Christ! My prayer this week in particular is that those that will enter into our church on either Friday or Sunday will hear and see the truth and understand it and respond!
Please keep our church and cast in your prayers this week as we make final preparations! May God bless you on this Tuesday!
Pastor Lee Wimberly

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