Day 33

I cannot believe it is another Friday in our Journey, nor can I believe that we are exactly one week away from our first performance on Good Friday and we are exactly one week away from completing this journey! My prayer for you today is that we enter into this weekend you will make a great determination next week to be plugged in and prepared for this final week of our journey and that you will finish strong that which you have begun that is so vitally important to your relationship with Christ!
Today’s devotionals thoughts surround the idea of the fact that Christ has always and will continue to be with us through our lives! No matter what we face and what obstacles are in our way Christ is always there and because of this fact, we do not have to be afraid. Paul was facing some difficult circumstances, however He did not allow that to interfere with His relationship with Christ or His calling! As we remember all that Christ has done with us and for us, may we be reminded of our place and calling in our lives and remain faithful to the end!
I pray that you have a wonderful day and that God will give you a great weekend and I look forward to worshiping with you on Sunday! Have a great Friday!
Pastor Lee Wimberly

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