Day 30

I cannot believe as I write today’s thoughts that today is day 30 in this journey! We are ten days away from completion and to remember back when I begin to pray and think about this journey for our church and now to think we have almost completed it! Could I give you a word of encouragement today, please do not quit, do not give up. The enemy will attempt everything in his strength to discourage you, but do not give up!
Today’s devotional is all about our calling. I began to reminiscence about the day when God called me into the ministry and to be a Pastor, it was a scary and exciting day all at once and never would I understand what that truly meant for years to come and never would I have dreamed that God would have placed me in this place so many years ago!
As I reflect, I am so thankful for your calling that God has placed on your life! So many in our church are true servants that are willing to sacrifice of their time, talents, and treasure to further the Kingdom of God! I am so thankful that God has called you to serve at North Point Baptist Church because certainly we could not do this without you! We all have a calling, the question is are we willing to answer that call? Are we willing to be the servant God has called us to be!
Please know that today I am thankful for you and that I am praying for you! If there is ever anything that I can do for you please do not hesitate to let me know! Have a wonderful Tuesday!
Pastor Lee Wimberly

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